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Brazilian Food

Brazilian Cuisine

Weather you are cooking rice and beans or any other dish , please come and discover our collection of food inrediants for Brazilian cuisine, e.g Root vegetables such as cassava and many more ..

Carioca Beans

Carioca Beans are very tasty and nutritious. It is the most common beans in Brazil usually eaten on a daily basis. It is cooked in a pressure cooker & served with rice.


Guava paste has a full sweet flavour & beautifully smooth texture which gives an appealing presentation. It really is a mouth watering experience. In Brazil this product is most often eaten together with cheese, hence it makes for an excellent addition to a cheese platter. This versatile product can be used in biscuits or melted into a syrup & used in cheese cake & many other sweet desserts. Whether eaten on a wine & cheese night or used to make a unique menu item, the taste for Predilecta guava paste will always be enjoyed.


The Yoki brand is the most authentic & widely used in Brazil because of the high quality & ease of preparation. The finished product is served as cheese bread balls which can vary in size with a smooth cheese flavour & soft centre. This is a must have, best enjoyed with beer, wine or coffee. Many people enjoy the flexibility of the Yoki pre-mix as it can be varied by adding other ingredients such as oregano, extra parmesan & even pieces of our own Predilecta guava paste can be enjoyed in the centre of the cheese bread balls. This product makes a perfect gluten free.


Toddy brand chocolate mixer drinks are the most famous drink in Brazil. This quality product is enjoyed by all ages of people for its creamy full flavour & nutrients. It is easy to make. Just mix with warm or cold milk & enjoy. It is available in Chocolate & Light varieties.